In light of the current Coronavirus outbreak, I would like to assure you that we take your health and safety very seriously. Any pCOVID-19 INFORMATIONatient with a foot infection we will help. If uncared for, This could lead to a more serious situation. We want to prevent sepsis or loss of limb. We are trying to keep our patients from overwhelming the hospital system.

In an effort to remain open and serve you, we will continue to use meticulous cleaning protocols.  We are going beyond the current CDC recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting our office. This disinfecting includes waiting areas, treatment rooms, and equipment.

We will continue to use disposable gloves for all patient and client contact.  Hand sanitizer and antibacterial soap will continue to be readily available for all staff and visitors.

Our goal is to keep other patients and clientele healthy. We ask that any person who is experiencing symptoms such as sore throat, cough, fever, or difficulty breathing, please contact us to reschedule your appointment.  Current CDC recommendations are to remain at home. quarantine until you are free of fever for 72 hours and your symptoms are improved.

We will continue to monitor and abide by the CDC recommendations and Infection Control guidelines.  Our priority will remain the health and safety of our patients.

Decontaminated for COVID-19

  • All employees are directed to follow good contamination prevention measures. In addition to the above, these include properly washing your hands. 20 seconds or longer with soap and water is recommended in the attached CDC guidelines.
  • We request that employees refrain from shaking hands. Instead politely state that the Company has advised against it for the time being as a COVID-19 precaution.
  • We ask that our staff evaluate and consider when to use alternatives to in-person meetings. This is regardless of whether such meetings are  to be held here or elsewhere. Serious thought and preference should be given to using computer/internet based applications. These include tele-meet or holding telephone conference calls. At some time, depending on development of COVID-19 in our area, we may prohibit in-person meetings with those outside the Company. We may put limits on internal meetings.
  • We similarly ask that serious consideration be given to whether to attend seminars or other group functions. Base this on the most current information about the development of COVID-19 in the area of the seminar, meeting, or activity.

Should you follow covid guidelines even after it’s gone?

Following COVID-19 guidelines, even after the immediate threat of the pandemic has subsided, can still be important for several reasons:

  • Public Health: Adhering to guidelines like hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette, and staying home when sick can help prevent the spread of not only COVID-19 but also other infectious diseases. These practices promote overall public health and reduce the risk of future outbreaks.
  • New Variants: COVID-19 variants can emerge, and some may be more transmissible or resistant to current treatments or vaccines. Continuing to follow guidelines can help mitigate the spread of such variants and protect vulnerable populations.
  • Preparedness: The pandemic has highlighted the importance of being prepared for public health emergencies. Maintaining good hygiene practices and following guidelines can help individuals and communities be better prepared for future health challenges.
  • Personal Well-being: Many of the recommended guidelines, such as regular handwashing, avoiding close contact with sick individuals, and practicing good respiratory hygiene, can help prevent the spread of various illnesses beyond COVID-19. These practices can contribute to personal well-being by reducing the risk of common infections.
  • Trust and Social Responsibility: Following guidelines shows a commitment to the well-being of oneself and others. It helps build trust within communities and fosters a sense of social responsibility to protect the most vulnerable individuals, including those with compromised immune systems or other health conditions.

Are you safe from covid after taking vaccines?

Vaccination against COVID-19 significantly reduces the risk of severe illness, hospitalization, and death. Vaccines have proven to be highly effective in preventing COVID-19 and its severe complications. However, no vaccine provides 100% protection, and breakthrough infections can still occur, albeit at lower rates. It is important to continue following public health guidelines even after vaccination, such as wearing masks in certain settings and practicing good hand hygiene.